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  • Strategy Creation & Alignment - Working with executives and teams to create a "game plan" that is executable and in alignment with elements of vision and what has been established as the operating plan - to ensure alignment from product requirements through go-to-market strategy, sales strategies, and customer success.

  • Coaching & Mentoring - Working with individuals and teams that are performing at unacceptable levels and those that are the "superstars" of the future and need to be prepared for more responsibilities. 

  • Marketing & Sales Effectiveness - Assessing and improving all facets of the marketing and sales strategy and plan. This involves branding, demand creation, distribution channels, sales programs and tools, sales process and methodology, functional metrics/KPI’s, and skills development.

  • New Product Launch - Assisting clients in planning and executing new product launches into new markets through a wide range of distribution channels leveraging the development and deployment of effective sales programs and tools.

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